Judith DesBrisay
contemporary artist

Artist's Statement


Making art is my passion. Inquiries into the nuances of person and place, private and public histories, archaeology and anthropology, art history and current practices prompt my explorations of diverse subject matter and the use of varied   media. Part time studies at Emily Carr College of Art and Design triggered passionate exploration of materials and processes.


My visual art practice encompasses drawing, painting, mixed media and installation works. I use  commercial products and organic materials. When painting I combine the use of acrylic and oil paints with varying mediums, dependant upon the work at hand. Recent explorations with epoxy resin have expanded creative possibilities. My work is increasingly abstracted in order to invite viewers to establish a personal dialogue with the work.


My life and travels in North and South America (including Nunavut and Antarctica) evoke sensory delight. I am concerned with the fragility of the world and the need to safeguard and enhance the vital interconnections of the web of life. Circumstances at our wilderness home, in central British Columbia, mirror global issues. In conclusion: my art works reflect the world as I see it, the world as I feel it. I believe, as do others, that person and place are inextricably interwoven entities. Within each precious moment we can appreciate the beauty and imminent perils in the fragile web of life. I hope that my art works will heighten awareness of this dichotomy while promoting discussion of best practices for a sustainable planet wherein equality and wellness preside. 






“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way

--things I had no words for.”

Georgia O’Keeffe