Judith DesBrisay
contemporary artist

Notes and News


Judith returns to the creation of "Essence" , a large format oil painting: 48 x 60 inches.  "Essence" emerges from 31 years of ongoing contemplation and  completion of art works based upon her studies at Emily Carr College of Art and Design.

APRIL  2022

Participate in Earth Day 2022 education and activities!
View Continuum: a restoration project at Taharti

JUNE 2021

            RESONATE video :  CHERI MAISONNEUVE  &  JUDITH DESBRISAY                           

Over the last 12 months, Cheri Maisonneuve and Judith DesBrisay -- collaborated and created a body of work called “Resonate”.  Their two collaborative works  have just been "named”. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners have been notified. Visit Cheri's Facebook site to learn more.

April 2021 
                                 ( left images) Judith DesBrisay: Witness series                                                                                                                                                                          (right images )  Cheri Maisonneuve: assorted works
The artists independently discovered the potential of using epoxy resin in creating art ; they soon shared their enthusiastic explorations.
The Quesnel Art Gallery will exibit their Resonate art exhibit from May 6 to May 28, 2021. 
June 2020

In the midst of a world shaken by the COVID 19 pandemic and global  anti-racism protests with demands for long overdue justice resonating , I state my commitment to listen, learn, and support the essential efforts to adopt anti-racism as the framework for our lives and actions. I urge  support for public health guidelines to optimize management of the COVID virus. As B.C.'s Dr. Bonnie Henry states, "Be kind, be calm, be safe."
April 2020
Creative energy flows as we follow public health guidelines to ensure the best possible outcomes during these challenging times with COVID 19 . Please join family and friends in virtual enjoyment of one another and the arts.
Granddaughters' art works celebrate life!
November 2018
Judith collaborated with Megan Long for the Inspirations art exhibit
at the Quesnel Art Gallery  Oct. 12 to Nov. 10, 2018.


October 2017

Eight of Judith's art works are now installed at various locations within the Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Ontario. Geography VIII can be viewed at the Perimeter Library.
See the Art and Science Gallery for more details.
September 2017
Wildfires have affected much of B.C. this fiery Summer of 2017, including portions 
of our beloved Taharti wilderness property.
September 2016
    Judith's Possibilities exhibit opened September 8 and continues until October 1, 2016.    
July 2016
In addition to providing innovative health care for residents, the Quesnel Primary Care Clinic displays a selection of art works by local artists, including Judith's paintings.
March 2016
Assistant curator , Meghan Hunter-Guthier with Judith at the Two Rivers Gallery, Rustad Galleria. Guests enjoyed the opening reception of the Possibilites art exhibit.